Show the Love … How to find the right person to pronounce you husband and wife

Your wedding ceremony is the beginning of your married life and should therefore showcase the love that you and your partner share. It is undoubtedly the most important part of your wedding celebrations. Your celebrant plays a huge role in the ceremony and the overall atmosphere that it has. They should be able to help you decide what is relevant and what is not to ensure your ceremony captures both you and your partner’s desires that you may not even realise you have. The Sunshine Coast is home to an extensive and varied range of celebrants, but finding the right one could be harder than you think.

Choosing the right celebrant is a big decision as they all have their own signature style. Some celebrants are very traditional, whereas others will design a unique ceremony for you. It’s important to meet with your potential celebrant before booking anything in. You can ask the marriage celebrant at your initial consultation what you can expect from their services, this way you can get an idea as to the type and way they will present the ceremony.

When you meet the right celebrant you will find that you have a certain kind of chemistry. If you do not have this connection then they may not be the person best suited for the big day, as without it creating what it is you desire may be difficult. Your celebrant should be able to work with you as a team to ensure the overall outcome of the ceremony is exactly what you envisioned.

Your celebrant should be able to help you and your partner design a ceremony that reflects both you as a couple and individually. Your thoughts and beliefs should be embedded into the ceremony in a creative and unique way. A great way to personalise your wedding ceremony is by writing your own vows, you can talk to your celebrant to get some advice on how you can bring more intimacy into the order of service.

The right celebrant for you will be someone that you can trust to deliver a ceremony that represents both the past and future journey that you and your partner will embark on together. So take the time to find the person that will ensure that the ceremony and the order of service fulfils all of your hopes and dreams. And just like every other feature of your wedding that you plan; your ceremony is a great chance to show the love and have an amazing time doing so.

Ben Connolly - Plan My Wedding Sunshine Coast
Above images by Ben Connolly Photography